Hot Water Heaters

Lakeland Energy provides it’s customers with convenient, reliable and worry-free hot water solutions, by either rental or ownership.

By choosing to rent your water heater from Lakeland Energy, there are no upfront equipment or installation costs, no repair costs, and with one call during normal business hours, a guarantee of quick efficient service.

We also offer rental or purchase of tankless hot water heaters, which can provide up to 40% energy savings. These units are designed to be highly efficient and only heat water when it’s needed. When the demand for water ceases, the unit shuts down and uses no energy, a revolutionary advantage over tank-style heaters.

Standard Water Heater Rental – Contract Terms & Rates

Rental/Ownership: You are renting a water heater from Lakeland Energy, the owner of the equipment. You are not permitted to remove alter or allow anyone to change any signs that indicate Lakeland Energy is the owner of the equipment. We may register, at your expense, our interest in the equipment against you and/or the title to the premises at which the equipment has been installed.

Our Obligation to Repair/Replace: So long, as you are not in default under this agreement, we will repair the equipment and, if not repairable, replace it.

Limit on Liability: Except for our obligation to repair and/or replace the equipment, we shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any present or future damages, costs, claims demands or causes of action relating in any way to the equipment or the use or operation of the equipment, notwithstanding any defect(s) in the equipment or negligence.

Termination/Removal Charges: So long as you are not in default under this agreement, you may terminate this agreement by giving us notice by calling our office during normal business hours (705-789-5442 or 1-888-282-7711). If you choose to terminate this agreement you will pay us our standard administration fees and any other charges that may be applicable. Your obligation to pay the rental charges will end when all amounts have been received.  Lakeland Energy Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the service for any reason, given 30 days notice.

Our rates cover the administration, installation labour and material costs of the water heater as well as required repair costs.

As a result of the electricity market deregulation, water heater rental charges must now be kept separate from your distribution charges. To keep billing costs at a minimum, we will continue to bill for both of these charges on one bill unless the Ontario Energy Board instructs us to separate them.